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Horse Bits & Hackamores NZ

A Huge Selection of Bits including Myler Bits, Happy Mouth Bits, Platinum Bits, Pelham Bits, Hackamore Bits, Copper & Sweet Iron Bits. There are so many bits on the market, and each one performs in a different way. It really does pay to make sure you get the right bit for your horse, and riding style. If possibly try to borrow a friends bit before you buy so you know how your horse will react to it. When thinking about changing horse bits, you need to consider your riding level; do you ride with soft hands, or are you a beginner rider? And you need to consider how your horse carries itself. Does it chew on the bit, hold its head carriage high, or pull on the bit.  Does he go around with his mouth open, or is he quite happy in his mouth? All of these questions will guide you to which bit you should try next.  In general Copper and Sweet Iron bits help horses to salivate, so are good for young horses, or horses with a dry mouth. Rubber and Happy mouth bits are soft, so good for riders with harder hands. If your horse has a thick tongue he may like something with a low port to allow room.  Only experienced riders should use any type of Gag bit or but with pole pressure or a chain, as these can hurt the horse in the wrong hands.
Myler bits reinforce the horse's learning process by offering tongue relief when the horse establishes the correct way of going and responds to the riders' aids correctly. The Myler mouthpieces offer differing levels of tongue relief and this needs to be accounted for when selecting which mouthpiece to use.

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