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Arena Markers & Jump Cups NZ

In this category you'll find Dressage Arena Letters, Showjumping Numbers, Jump Cups, Barrel Jump Cups and More.  When training your horse a set of dressage letters can make schooling so much easier and more interesting, whether practicing for a dressage test, or just general schooling, having dressage markers to guide you, is very handy. If you have an arena that is 20x40 or 20x60, and you have a solid wall or rail around it, you can use the wall mounted Dressage Markers, but if you are just on the grass, then the dressage cones are probably more suitable. Most dressage letter sets come with the standard letters for a 20x40 arena which are A,F,B,M,C,H,E & K, but if you have a 20x60 Arena, you'll also need to purchase the extra letters of R,S,V & P to make your collection full.  Show Jumping number sets, are normally 1-10 with an A & B for combination jumps.  We also sell a small range of jump cups for your showjumps, which include barrel cups that clip on the side of a barrel to make a jump stand. these are very handy and great fun to have in the paddock.

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