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Wintec Saddles NZ Saddles Bates Saddles NZ

Stockist of Wintec Saddles NZ, Bates Saddles NZ, Collegiate Saddles NZ, Trainers Saddles NZ, Cavallino Saddles NZ, and  Pessoa Saddles NZ. Dressage Saddles, All Purpose Saddles, Jumping Saddles, Endurance Saddles, Stock Saddles & More. Find your perfect saddle. Bates Saddles, Wintec Saddles and Collegiate saddles can all be found here. Choose from a wide range of horse riding saddles, western saddles and show jumping saddles. Buy your dream saddle at a great price. A variety of saddles from Bates and Wintec are available through us, in various styles and prices.  When looking for a saddle, saddle fitting is hugely important. The saddle needs to fit the horses size, shape and confirmation, as well as being the correct size and style for the rider.  All Bates & Wintec saddles come complete with  HART (Horse & Rider Technologies). This allows the saddle to be altered to fit your horse, through using the Easy Change Gullet System and the the Cair Insert System. HART saddles also come complete ith easy change girth points, and several other features making a saddle with HART a great option. We offer a huge selection of trial saddles which you can use to try before you buy. This is a great tool to help you make the right decision, and ensure you end up with the perfect saddle for you and your horse.

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