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Horse Riding Spurs & Spur Straps

We stock a wide range of horse riding Spurs and Spur Straps including Dressage Spurs, Show Jumping Spurs, Childs Spurs, Western Spurs, Leather Spur Straps, and Webbing Spur Straps. Our most popular spurs are either the basic chrome plated Prince of Wales Spurs, which come in Ladies, Mens, and Childs sizes, or the Stainless Steel Roller Ball Spurs.  We now also stock a range of Meta-Lab Spurs, which include soft touch spurs, and  rowel spurs. Horse spurs are often used in various equestrian disciplines to command horses in support of leg, voice, and hand commands while riding. Spurs have three components: The branch or the yoke, which is the band that you wrap around the heel of your boots. The neck or shank that protrudes from the yoke. Ideally, spurs do not hurt horses. That being said, spurs can lead to skin scratches, bleeding, and other pain if used incorrectly. For this reason, spurs should not be worn by inexperienced riders. More specifically, spurs should only be worn by experienced riders on horses that need spurs. You should fit spurs so that the end of the shank is pointing slightly downward. The spur should sit on the spur rest on the back of your boot, and the spur strap buckle should be placed on the outside of your boot. In dressage, it is not permitted to wear spurs upside down.

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