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Calf, Lamb, Cow & Poultry

Weatherbeeta Dog Rugs NZ, Cavallino Dog Rugs NZ, Dog Coats NZ, Dog Rain Coats NZ, Covers for Dogs, Keep your Dog Warm this Winter.  Dogs are known as mans best friend, and we must look after our best friends, especially in winter.  No matter if your dog is an inside dog that sits by the fire, or an outside dog that works the sheep, we have a selection of dog coats to keep your dog warm and dry. Almost every horse owner has a dog, and we rug our horses up in Weatherbeeta or cavallino rugs, and now we can rug our dogs with matching Weatherbeeta Dog Coats, or Cavallino Dog Coats. Your dog will love you forever for keeping the cold and wet off his back, and it will keep him healthy and happy. Maybe you are looking for a waterproof dog coat, or just a warm fleece dog rug. or we also have cooling dog coats to keep your dog cool on a hot day. What ever you are after when looking for a dog rug, check out our range, or contact us if you have any questions. Size charts are available to help you work out what size coat your dog will need.

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