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Winter Horse Covers NZ

200gm Covers NZ, 300gm Covers NZ, Weatherbeeta Rugs NZ, Zilco Horse Covers NZ, Horze Covers NZ, Cavallino Covers NZ, Buccas Rugs NZ, 1200d Rugs, 1680d Rugs & More.  Winter Rugs for New Zealand Horses come in a huge range of styles and weights. Gone are the days when every horse wore a heavy wool lined canvas rug, although we do still sell these if that is what you are after. Most of our Winter rugs come in 1200 denier, although some are 600 denier or 1680 denier.  The denier refers to the outside waterproof layer, and the higher the denier the stronger the rug is, so the longer it will last.  Warmth ratings for Winter Horse Covers start at 200gm polyfil, and go up from there. This refers to the thickness / weight of the lining, so the higher the polyfil, the warmer the rug.
Your next decision to make after deciding on the weight and strength you would like, is if you would like a standard neck, which doesn't come with a neck rug (although some are sold separately), a Combo rug, which has the neck rug sewn on, or a detach-a-neck, which comes with a neck rug that is removable. The Brand you choose comes down to personal choice. We stock Weatherbeeta Winter Rugs, Zilco Winter Rugs, Horze Winter Rugs, Cavallino Winter Rugs and Buccas Winter Rugs.

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