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Horse Whips & Riding Crops NZ

Looking for a riding crop? We sell a huge range of whips and crops designed for the equestrian. We also have some great alternatives to whips such as all round whips and dressage whips. A huge selection of Horse Riding Crops and Horse Riding Whips including Dressage Whips, Jumping Crops, Jumping Bats, and All round whips. Whether you are looking for a plain black whip, or a whip with some bling and crystals, or maybe some gold flecks, then we probably have a whip for you. Some of our whips come with a loop handle, but it is suggested you remove this as it can be a safety hazard.
FLECK has been making riding crops and whips for equestrian sports at its base in Schwarzach near Heidelberg for over 150 years. Originally an important and indispensable aid needed for horse-drawn carriages of all kinds, the designs developed over time to include more and more crops for sports and for all disciplines of English riding, such as showjumping, dressage and eventing. 
Our whips are not only for horses, We also sell a lot of whips for bondage purposes, for use in the bedroom, role playing, spanking,  Bondage Whip BDSM Whip Sex Whip or what ever purpose you like.

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