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Equine Veterinary Products NZ

Find Veterinary Products for Horses. Medical & Veterinary Creams, Wound Ointment, Horse First Aid Kits, Bandages, Mud Fever Repair, Skin Care Creams, Horse Wound Care, Horse Poultices, Veterinary Gamgee, Sunblock cream and sunblock powder for horses, Insect Repellent for Horses, Horse Fly Spray, Liniment for Horses, Cooling Gels, Horse Wormers and more.  When you have a horse, you will soon find that they are always finding ways to get little cuts and scrapes, knocks and bruises, and ways to make themselves lame.  A first aid kit for horses is a necessity for any horse owner, whether you make your own or buy a pre packaged one. We have a range of first aid kits for horses starting with the very basic, and going up to include just about everything you'll need. Besides your first Aid Kit, if your horse has any white on his face, you'll need some sun block to protect him from sunburn which may lead to cancer.  Flies are a constant annoyance around horses, so you'll need a fly spray for horses to keep them at bay. For those horses sensitive to spray, we do also have some fly repellent Gel that you can wipe on your horses face and legs.

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