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Hay Bags & Hay Nets NZ

This collection is where you'll find Hay Bags for Horses, Slow Feeder Hay Bags, Hay Nets, Small Hole Haynets, Hay Bale Bags, Everything for storing and Feeding Hay to your Horse. Whether you are at home, at a show, or away for a weekend with your horse, you are likely going to want to feed him hay. The best way is to use a hay bag, or hay net. Using a hay bag or hay net prevents wastage, as the hay is kept off the ground and does not get stepped on, and spread all over the place. A hay bag will normally hold one slice of hay, and has a hole in the centre for the horse to eat from. Hay Nets can be used to slow a horse from eating too fast, especially if you use a small hole hay net or a slow feeder haynet. Just be careful with hay nets that they are not tied up too low to the ground where a horse can get his foot caught up and get in to trouble.  When travelling to a show it is a good idea to take a hay bale bag. this bag fits a whole bale, and can be used to store a bale of hay and keep it dry and clean.

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