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Hoof Care, Hoof Oils & Creams

Everything to keep your Horses Hooves Strong & Healthy, Hoof Oil, Hoof Cream, Hoof Moisturiser, Hoof Picks & Brushes. Hoof Treatments & More. Ever heard the saying "no hoof no horse" ? well there is a good reason behind that saying. A horse stands on his hooves all day.. that is a lot of weight putting pressure on four small areas. They use them to walk, trot, canter & jump, so you really need to look after them.  Besides keeping your horse and ponies hooves in good shape with a regular trim, or shoeing, you'll need to keep them free from fungal infections and well moisturised. Hoof oil can be used up to daily but generally when th hoof is becoming spongy, It can also help prevent cracked and chipped hooves and maintain healthy condition. Providing flexibility and protection from the elements. Use as directed and do not apply in excess. Hoof oil can provide a shine that can last a few days. Many hoof oils contain treatments for hoof issues such as bacterial infections or fungal infections such as thrush. It is a good idea to use the right treatment for the right condition. Clean your horses hooves daily with a hoof pick and brush them clean before applying a hoof moisturiser cream or oil.

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