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Bandages & Leg Wraps

Horse Bandages, Stable Bandages, Polarfleece Bandages, Leg Pads, Stable Wraps & More. Whether you are wanting to protect your horses legs during training, or traveling, or while in the stable, you may want to use bandages and leg wraps. bandages can help protect a horse's legs from injury, swelling, cold and other problems. Exercise and polo bandages – for use during exercise to protect against bruises and cuts. Stable bandages keep a horse’s legs warm and comfortable in the stable and to prevent against the swelling that can occur from standing still. Travel bandages – designed to protect a horse’s legs against bumps and knocks during transport. First aid and wound bandages – for binding up leg wounds. It takes some practice to get skilled at putting on horse bandages. They need to be wound around the horse’s legs over padding, be neither too tight or too loose, and be as smooth as possible. The pressure of bandages must be even applied across both sides of the body as well. It is important that you don't leave any lumps or bumps when bandaging as this can cause pressure points, which can then cause more harm than good. Using a good quality leg wrap under your bandages is imperative 

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