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Breastplates & Martingales

    Horse Breastplates, or Breastplates for Horses. A Selection of 5 Point Breastplates, 3 Point Breastplates, Hunting Breastplates for Horses, Martingales & Martingale Combinations. A breastplate helps secure the tack onto the horse and becomes particularly helpful on horses with large shoulders and a flat ribcage. It's also a safety component from the standpoint that if the rider's girth or billets should break, the rider will have time to stop and dismount before the saddle slips completely off. Running Martingale has two Y-shaped "forks" having Rings at the end through which the reins pass whereas Standing Martingale just has a single strap with a loop through which the noseband passes. Running Martingale gives much more freedom to the Horse therefore it is used in Horse Riding. A five-point breastplate will help the user in keeping the girth more forward, preventing it from the probability of slipping back. The 5 point design will naturally distribute the pressure over a larger area than a breastplate with just a couple of points of contact. The 3 Point Breastplate - also known as the Hunting Breastplate - provides saddle stability, attached via the girth and D-rings; this is particularly useful in eventing or jumping. Most breastplates these days also have a martingale attachment, or come with martingale rings already attached.

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