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Feeding & Watering

A Huge Range of Feed Buckets, Feed Scoops and Water Buckets. Wall Mounted Buckets, Everything for feeding and watering your horse. Every horse owner feeds their horse, whether it is a once a week treat, or a 3 times a day chore, you will be mixing a feed to give your horse the extra nutrients he requires. We have a great selection of buckets for both feeding and watering your horse. From the heavy rubber feed bins that sit on the ground, designed to be almost unbreakable by those horses who love to play with their been bin, to the feed bins with brackets that hook over your gate or fence, also designed to stop horses who end up putting their feet in their feed. Water buckets are normally a deeper bucket that will hold a larger amount of water. Horses will drink 20-30 Ltrs per day, so a good water bucket is essential. When mixing your feed a good feed scoop is essential, as this this helps you to measure out the required amounts, and make sure your horses are getting what they need.  It is also handy to get feed from the bottom of the barrel. For feed bins, water buckets and feed scoops, this is where you need to look.

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