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Mid Season Horse Covers NZ

This is where you'll find those Mid Season Rugs NZ for the in-between seasons of a New Zealand Spring or Autumn. . No Fill Rugs, or zero fil rugs are just a waterproof outer, normally of 600 denier or 1200denier, and with a polyester, or polycotton lining. These rugs have no polyfil, so are not designed to provide warmth apart from the warmth generated by the horse itself. They are designed to keep the Wind, rain, and frost of the horses back, and re also used to put over the top of another rug for extra protection. These include Zilco Lite Rugs, Weatherbeeta Lite Rugs, and Weatherbeeta Comfitec Lite.  50gm Horse Rugs otherwise known as a Lite Plus, provides just 50gm of warmth, or a very thin layer of polyfl. These are ideal for cooler nights when the weather is stil warm during the day.  100gm Horse Rugs are normal known as Medium/Light, or 100gm fil rug, are the next step up, and most often used when the weather is cooler, but not cold enough for a full winter rug. Some of the 100gm Medium Lite Rugs are now available in a heavier denier, and a wider fit. Some also have the ability to fit additional linings which adds versatility.

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