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Stirrup Leathers

Suppliers of Bates Stirrup Leathers, Bates Webbers, Collegiate Luxe Leathers, Platinum Stirrup Leathers, Collegiate Synthetic Leathers, Aintree Stirrup Leathers, Wintec Stirrup Leathers, Wintec Webbers and more. When buying stirrup leathers, most people buy the brand of leathers to match their saddle, so if you have a Bates Saddle you will probably want Bates Stirrup Leathers, a Wintec Saddle will want Wintec Stirrup Leathers or Wintec Webbers, etc etc. But that is not the absolute necessary case, you can of course use an brand of stirrup leathers with any saddle. You do want to generally stick to a similar material though, so for a soft leather saddle, you'll want soft leather stirrup straps, and for a synthetic saddle you'll want a synthetic stirrup strap. Bates Webbers, Collegiate Webbers or Wintec Webbers are another option. these hook on to your stirrup bar with a loop at the top, and adjust the length by a clip at the bottom. This means by using webbers you are reducing the bulk under your leg to one layer, meaning you have a closer contact with your horse, and less chance of rubbing the inside of your leg. When looking for stirrup leathers, you do want to consider quality, as they are a safety feature. Generally the more expensive brands are of higher quality, and made from better materials, which will be stronger and last longer.

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