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Travel, Show & Cooler Rugs

Cotton Show Rugs NZ, Wool Show Rugs NZ, Travel Rugs, Show Sets, Jute Rugs, Cooler Rugs Cotton Show Sets. If you are looking for a show set that you can get your own brand logo embroided on then look no further. Whether you are a sponsor of a show, or owner of a stud, we have show rugs for you. Many of our show rugs have matching tail bags and matching hoods available to make them the perfect show set for your horse or pony. We also have wool show rugs and polarfleece rugs which can be used for travel or for thein the stable, or while tied up to your horse truck or horse float. When travelling, it can get quite cold in the back of your horse truck or flat, especially for the horse just standing there. therefore it is a good idea to cover them with either a cotton, fleece or wool travel rug. Once at a show, you'll want to keep your horse or pony clean, especially if you have already groomed him before leaving home. A show set with a hood and tail bag will keep the dirt and dust off him, and will also help to keep pesky biting insects away.

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