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Anti Rub Vests NZ

In this collection, you'll find Anti Rub Vests, Anti Rub Bibs, Weatherbeeta Shoulder Guards for Horses, everything to stop your cover rubbing. Most of the time cover rug is caused by one of two things, Either an ill-fitting rug or the rug being dirty.  An Ill-fitting rug could be a rug that is too big for the horse, causing it to slip sideways, and putting pressure on parts of the horse that it is not designed to. It could also be too small for the horse, a bit like when you wear shoes too small for you!  or it could just be the wrong shape and design for your particular shaped horse. Rugs should also be cleaned regularly, as a build up of grime or dirt on the inside of the rug can cause rubbing on the horse, and result in loss of hair or mane damage.
If you can not resolve your cover rub, then an anti rub vest, or shoulder guard will add an extra layer between the horses skin and your rug, and hopefully prevent further rubbing. Anti rub vests come in different thicknesses and styles, so choose the one most suitable for you and your horse.

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