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Horse Toys & Horse Treats NZ

Suppliers of Effol Knabber Sticks, Leovet Horse Treats, Horse Play Balls, Horse Toys for Horses, Horse Salt Blocks. Every horse owner loves to spoil there horse with a treat every now and then, and horses love Effol Knabber Sticks and Leovet Horse Treats. They can be used to train your horse to come to you in the paddock, or used as bribery to do something they don't really want to, like load in the horse float, or truck. Horse treats can be used as a reward for good behavior, such as picking up their hooves when asked, or jumping a big jump. Or, they can just be used to show to your love to your special equine friend. Treats come in a range of different flavours, and are a healthy option in small quantities. you shouldn't feed your horse or pony more than a few treats each day.  Horse Balls, and Horse Play Balls and other Horse Toys are a great way to conquer boredom in the stable or paddock.  Horses of all ages love to play with a ball and chase it around the paddock, especially a play ball they can pick up and throw. Get your horse a new Toy and some treats and he will surely be the happiest horse there ever was.

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