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Mane & Tail Care

Plaiting and Braiding your Horses mane and tail, is a great way to present them nicely for a show. it is also a good way to bond with your horse, and spend that extra bit of time fussing over them. In this collection you'll find a range of different plaiting bands, both silicone plaiting bands and rubber plaiting bands for holding the plait together.  If you are an experienced plaiter or like that high quality level of turnout, you might like to sew your horses plaits in with some plaiting thread and a needle.  Obviously you don't actually stitch the plaits on to the horse though!!  We also have various plaiting sprays to make your horses mane or tail easier to grip while plaiting, and to help make the plait stay in place after you have finished. With a pair of  grooming scissors to tidy the ends, and cut your plaiting thread, and some thinning scissors to thin the mane and tail where necessary, you'll have everything you need to make sure your special horse or pony has the most immaculate braids and plaits at the next show. Plaiting a horses mane and tail does take a lot of practice though, so get out there now and give it a go!

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