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Fleece & Stretch Hoods

Hoods for Horses, Polar fleece Horse Hoods, Cotton Show Hoods, Neck Socks, Fleece Neck Rugs, Stretch Hood Horse. Fleece Horse Hood, Generally there are one of three reasons why you are using a hood on a horse. For warmth in cooler months and to reduce coat growth, to protect from the sun in the warmer months or most commonly for insect protection. Hoods are also used to keep your horse clean, and to keep plaits in place if you have pre-plaited for a horse show. Lycra hoods cover a horse's face, ears, shoulders, neck, mane, withers, and chest. They can be worn by themselves or under a blanket. Hoods may be used to keep a horse's mane tamed and/or preserve braids before a show. They can also prevent a horse from itching or rubbing the covered area. Most hoods come in 3 sizes Pony, Cob and Full, but sometimes Warmblood or XL size is also available.  In general a Pony size should fit anything from 12hh - 13.3hh high, cob from 14hh - 15.3hh  high, and full anything from 16hh and above, but this is only a rough guide. The size of the bridle that your horse wears will give you a good idea what size hood to buy.

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