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Summer Rugs & Summer Covers NZ

Stockists of Summer Sheets NZ and Summer Covers NZ from Weatherbeta NZ, Kool Coat NZ, Zilco NZ, and more. Mesh rugs will help prevent horses from becoming irritated by flies and midges in the summer months when they are spending more time outdoors allowing them to relax and enjoy their grazing. Horses that are turned out in warmer weather will benefit from a summer sheet with UV protection. With a high cotton content they are more naturally breathable to keep your horse cool in the sun and they also help to prevent coat fading, keeping it clean and dust free, and most importantly keep irritating flies and biting insects away. Cooler rugs should be used after exercise when the horse’s body temperature has increased. Using a cooler rug will help regulate the horses temperature and prevent it from dropping too rapidly whilst he is cooling down.  Whether you are looking for a turnout cover for your horse to wear in the paddock on hot summer days, or something for the yard to keep the insects away, you should find what are re looking for here.  Summer Sheets come in standard neck versions, without a neck rug, Combos with neck rug permanently attached, or detach-A-Necks where the neck rug is removable.

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