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Horse Fly Masks & Veils

Here you'll find fly masks for horses. The skin around the face is some of the most sensitive skin on your horse. Some horses have very sensitive skin or skin that is susceptible to hives or other allergic reactions. A Horse fly mask NZ can help prevent these issues before they become a problem. Fly masks are designed to provide a horse comfort from insects and the bright sunlight of summer and most horses welcome their protection during the spring and summer. The term fly mask, as it implies, is a cover used on the eyes, jaw and ears of horses to help protect them from pesky flies and other insects. Though the mask may look like the horse is being blinded, it's actually semi-transparent which allows the horse to see. Some fly masks provide UV protection, so are great for horses with white faces that can be prone to sunburn that can cause skin cancer. Some fly masks also now come with attached or removable nose covers to also protect from the sun, and to stop flies from bothering the horse around his nose and mouth. Most of our fly masks are only available during summer, so if you check this page in Winter and see it empty, you know why.

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