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Horse Halters & Lead Ropes 

Headcollars or Horse Halters? We have them all.. Rope Halters NZ, Leather Halters, Cheap Halters & Lead Ropes, Training Leads & More.  If you have a horse, pony or a donkey, you are going to want to be able to catch it, lead it around and tie it up, so you are going to need a halter and a lead rope to start. Most halters are designed the same way, with a buckle that does up behind the ears. Some also have a buckle over the nose., this is useful if you are wanting to put a bridle on your horse without taking its halter off. Some halters are padded, either over the nose, or behind the ears, or sometimes both. this is just to provide extra comfort for your horse or pony. 
Rope halters are a great tool in training young horses to lead, or to help you keep control of strong or pushy horses.  They are a great tool, but it is very important that they are fitted correctly, and never leave a rope halter or Nylon halter on your horse in the paddock, or when unattended. 
If you are wanting to leave a halter on your horse in the paddock, you should always use a leather halter, or cut the rings if using a nylon halter. This allows the horse to break free if he gets caught up in a tree or fence, and will hopefully not injure themselves doing so.
Most of our lead ropes are a standard 6' or 8' long. this is the normal length required for leading a horse.  If you are wanting something longer, we also have 10', 12' and 18' leads. these are usually called training leads, as they are used for doing ground work with your horse.

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