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Here you'll find all types of Horse Girths & Saddle Girths. We have Dressage Girths, Long Girths, Anatomical Girths, Girth Covers, Girth Sleeves, Cavallino Girths, Sheepskin Girths, Expansion Girths & More. The development of Horse Girth Design has come a long way in recent years, gone are the straight girths with no shape, and o elastic. Now almost every girth is contoured in some way to allow more room for the horses legs, and to give extra support under the horses chest. These girths are called Anatomical Girths. Most girths also contain some form of elasticity to allow for a small amount of movement, and expansion of the horses lungs during exercise. Most experts recognise that any elasticated girth should be even on both sides, so should not just have elastic on one side. Sheepskin Girths and Neoprene Girths are currently all the craze, especially those like the cavallino girths that have a removable backing. If you have a dressage saddle, monoflap jumping saddle, or something like a Bates Stock Saddle that have longer girth points, you will need a dressage girth. These girths re shorter in length, and have a protection layer behind the buckles, as they tend the buckle up where there would normally be bare skin. A long girth will buckle up under the saddle flap.

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