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Conditions of Hire:

  • The saddle remains in the ownership of the original owner/supplier, and ownership is not transferred to the hirer unless in a separate purchase agreement.

  • The trial (hire) period is for 7 days, plus allowance of 3 days for delivery, and 3 days for return. Failure to have the saddle returned in time may result in additional fees charged.

  • The Saddle must be delivered to a non-rural address and signature obtained on delivery.

  • The Hire Fee includes delivery to the Hirer, and their use of the saddle. It is the Hirers separate expense to ensure the saddle is returned to us by tracked courier.

  • The Hirer must take good care of the saddle while in their use, any damage or loss caused to the saddle during this time must be either covered by the Hirers private insurance or the hirer must pay any excess due from the owners insurance.

  • The Hirer agrees to provide a credit card as security on the saddle, and authorises any excess, damage or loss expenses to be charged to the card if alternative agreements cannot be met.

These saddles are available for you to hire to try.

There is a fee of $75 which includes delivery to you, and your use of the saddle for one week.

It is your responsibility to return the saddle to us, and cover any costs associated with its return.

Once we have received your request, we will contact you to confirm availability.

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