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Horse Shoe Studs & Stud Tools NZ

We have all your Horse Shoe Studs from Show Jumping Studs, Grass Studs, Road Studs, Stud Keepers, Stud Kits, Stud Tools, and More. Studs are small metal projections that screw into your horse's shoes. They're used to give him better grip on various types of footing, from firm and slippery to soft and boggy. They're great if your horse loses his focus in less-than-ideal footing or to give him extra traction when doing road work. Using horseshoe studs can improve your horse’s confidence, especially when competing on tricky going. However, making the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences due to potential for injury through twists, strains and other injuries. Expert tips for using studs, Quoted from Horse & Hound Magazine: Use blunt (not pointed) studs on the inside branches of the shoe.Use the smallest studs that will do the job. If you need studs in all four shoes, use smaller studs in front than behind. Choose studs according to conditions, horse type, movement and type of competition. Typically the softer the ground, the larger the studs needed. Stud up just before you compete and remove them immediately after you are finished. Don’t load or travel horses in studs (unless the studs are nearly flat and designed to be worn during travelling). Avoid leading or riding horses on hard surfaces in studs. Clean and retap stud holes the day before you are planning to use them. Keep stud holes plugged with an appropriate material when not in use. Practise putting studs at home before trying at a show. Most farriers are a useful source of advice, so do ask their opinion. Clean studs after use and to avoid rust, wrap them in a lightly oiled cloth. Store your stud kit together so you don’t lose anything

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