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Majyk Equipe NZ

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Majyk Equipe Pre-Order is now Available

Place your Pre-Order before the end of the Month, and have delivery by the Middle of the Following Month

Majyk Equipe is a dynamic Horse Protection and Equestrian Lifestyle Brand, who have created a line of Equestrian products that use superior, eco-friendly materials, including Cross Country, Show Jumping & Dressage Boots, Ice Boots, Over Reach Boots, Girths, and Saddle Pads.

Majyk Equipe has the tick of approval and is used by many International top Riders.

Majyk Equipe is a dynamic horse protection and equestrian lifestyle company based in California, USA. We specialize in creating innovative designs and technologies that provide a superior experience for both horse and rider. Our team brings years of experience in designing and engineering sporting athletic wear for humans, having worked for top Fortune 500 companies around the world. While working on human athletic gear, we realized that many of the principles that we were applying to human performance could also be applied to horses. We observed that human sports equipment was light years ahead of the average materials used for horses, and we wanted to change that. As horse owners ourselves, we also knew the misery of horse injury both emotionally and financially, and we believed there had to be better options than the materials and processes we saw in many products sold by older companies. We decided to create a line of equestrian products that would use superior, eco-friendly materials, even though they cost more than traditional ones. Our liners are neoprene-free, and our construction techniques require more steps, but we believe that this is the only way to create products that meet the high standards that horses and riders deserve. Our groundbreaking technologies have set new standards in the industry, and we are proud to be the pioneers of this new approach. One of the things that sets Majyk Equipe apart from other equestrian brands is that we design, engineer, source, and manufacture everything from scratch. Many companies buy their horse tack 'ready made' from factories who supply multiple brands with the same basic items, but we believe that creating horse protective wear requires a deep understanding of the various elements involved, and that's why we are specialists in this field. As a result of our commitment to excellence, you will never find exact duplicates of our products. We are unique, and our products are a true reflection of the expertise and passion that goes into making them. Majyk Equipe is a company born in the internet age, and this has allowed us to create world-class products that don't break the bank. We don't have layers of distributors and middlemen adding to the price, which means that our customers can enjoy our products without having to pay a premium. Top-ranked athletes have approached us to get involved, and riders around the globe are taking notice of what we are doing. We believe that we have the experience of yesterday and the modernity of today, which allows us to create products that are truly unique and groundbreaking. Get Ready to Believe in Majyk.

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