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Coat Care Solutions

When you want to keep your horse or pony's coat shiny and healthy, this is the place to look. We have Horse Shampoo, Horse Conditioner, Horse Mane and Tail Spray, Stain Remover for Horses, Whitening Shampoo for Horses, Neem Oil Shampoo for Horses, Absorbing Show Sheen, Lloyds Horse Shampoo, Effol Shampoo, Medicated Shampoo for Horses, Anti Fungal Shampoo for Horses, and a lot more.  Washing your horse after a good hot work out is a great way to cool them down and freshen them up, but washing your horse too often can strip away the natural oils in the coat, so it is important to use a specified Equine Shampoo or Conditioner that is designed to replenish these oils. Washing Prior to a show will help make them clean and stand out from the crowd, but again make sure you are using something to replace the natural oils in their coat to ensure a good shine.  After Shampooing a horses tail you will need to add a mane and tail spray to assist with brushing out knots and giving it a good shine.  Grey Horses, or horses with white socks or markings may require a stain remover or whitening shampoo to get them looking their best. 

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