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Saddle Covers & Seat Savers

After a Saddle Cover NZ? Wintec Saddle Covers, Bates Saddle Covers, Fleece Saddle Covers, Cotton Saddle Covers, Ride on Saddle Covers, Saddle cover with stirrup holes, Gel Seat Savers, & Sheepskin Seat Savers. When you spend as much as you have on a new saddle, you really want to look after it and protect it. A saddle cover is a necessary item for any saddle owner. whether it is a saddle cover for storing your saddle, or one for transporting it to shows and lessons, you want one that completely covers the saddle and protects it from dust, mould, dirt, knocks and scrapes. A fleece saddle cover, cotton saddle cover or nylon saddle cover will protect your saddle.  You may also want a ride on saddle cover, or saddle cover with stirrup holes, these are designed so you can ride in your saddle and protect it at the same time. Great if you want to ride in the rain, or through mud on a wet day. Also great for warming up your horse or pony before going in the show ring, especially if you have just spent hours cleaning your saddle. If you have a Bates Saddle or a Wintec Saddle, you may want a matching Saddle cover with brand logo.

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