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Doonas & Stable Rugs NZ

Keep your horse warm this winter with a Horse under rug NZ, or stable rugs NZ. Whether you are wanting an extra layer to put under your existing horse cover for some extra warmth, or you are wanting something comfortable for your horse to wear in the stable over night, then this is the section for you. Many Winter and mid season rugs now have attachments built in to easily attach an under rug or liner to them without having the risk of it moving or slipping around.  These liners come in anything from Lite Plus (50gm polyfil), up to 300gm polyfil which is very heavy and warm.  If your horse is thin skinned or has been clipped, it is important to provide extra warmth to keep him snug throughout the colder weather. Stable rugs are similar to under rugs, but normally come with leg straps and surcingles so they are self supported, and can be work on their own without risk of slipping.  These rugs do not have a strong outer denier, so it is not recommended they are used as a paddock rug, as they will likely end up getting ripped on branches or fences in the paddock. Stable Rugs are generally a bit tougher and warmer than under rugs, but this is not a rule.

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