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Horse Riding Boots NZ

Whether you are after Jodhpur Boots, Riding Boots, Long Boots or some Stable Boots, We have a great selection of Horse Riding Boots for you. We stock the full range of Dublin Boots NZ, and Dublin Country Boots NZ, We also carry Cavallino Boots NZ and a few other brands. Our jodhpur boots are available in pull on style or zip up style, depending what you like.All boots listed on our website are either in Australian sizing (7,8,9etc) or Euro Sizing (37,38,39etc).  If you only know your UK size or USA size, please check with us first for conversion.  Our country boots are great for wearing while horse riding, but also perfect for wearing to the supermarket or to watch the kids weekend sports. We now also carry a few Waterproof Boots, which are ideal for use around horses as we are always getting our feet wet! In order to prolong the life of your riding boots It is important to keep your boots clean an well nourished. like any leather product, the should be cleaned after use and allowed to dry, then you should apply some form of leather cream or balsam to them to nourish the leather and help with waterproofness.  If your boots are suede, they may need an alternative product to look after them and protect them.

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