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Stable Fixtures & Fittings

A Huge Selection of Saddle Brackets, Bridle Brackets, Rug Racks, Saddle Blanket Racks, Whip Racks, Tie Out Rings, Blocker Tie Rings NZ & More. Whether you are lucky enough to have a dedicated tack room, or just need to store everything in the garage, then most of the items in this collection will help you keep your horse gear tidy and organised. Somewhere to store your saddle properly is essential in order to keep it in top condition. a Wall mounted rack is perfect, and can be used on the inside of horse truck, on your tackroom wall, or even in your bedroom. A portable saddle rack is great for cleaning your saddle too. A bridle bracket or tack rack to hang your bridle on, or your horses halter, breastplate and lunge lead. We have saddle blanket racks, perfect for storing your collection of saddle pads, or for hanging your show rugs and other bits on. A whip rack is a great tool used to store all your horse whips together. it fits dressage whips, lungeing whips and riding crops. You'll also find in this collection, all our tie out rings, both wall mounted, and ones that go though a post or rail. and the ever popular Blocker Tie Out Ring, A great tool for training horses to tie up properly.

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