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Horse Riding Gloves NZ

We sell a wide  range of horse riding gloves for all purposes. whether you are after Dressage Gloves , Showjumping Gloves, Eventing Gloves, Cross Country Gloves or Gloves for at home. We have leather gloves, faux leather gloves, and synthetic gloves.  The Roeckl Gloves are our top quality brand, and are made for the elite athlete or home rider wanting a bit of luxury. Most of our gloves such as Dublin Gloves are available in sizing such as XS-XL, but the Roeckl Gloves come in cm sizing.  To find your correct size, measure across the palm of your hand in centimeters. If your hand measure 7.5cm for example, then you will take a size 7.5. While gloves are not always essential, they are definitely useful, as they can keep your hands dry, comfortable, and protected while riding. Some riders feel that gloves hinder your feel of the reins and thus, your connection with your horse, but with the right pair of gloves, this shouldn't be the case. Leather gloves are usually grippy enough all on their own, but other materials will need either a leather grip pad sewn in or rubber or PVC grip dots or pads to ensure a good grip. The grip is an essential factor in the safety of your gloves. Horse Riding gloves usually have an extra layer between the 4th and 5th finger to protect against rubbing from the reins.

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