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Everything you need to care for your horse. Horse Brushes, Horse Shampoo, Hoof Care, Equine Veterinary Products, Horse  Clippers, Leather Oils, Leather Soap, and Leather Care items, Farrier Tools & More. In this category you will find a full range of horse brushes and grooming kits to keep your horse happy, healthy and clean. From Curry Combs to mane combs, dandy brushes to body brushes, we have a great selection of horse brushes and grooming equipment for you. When it comes to making your horse stand out, you'll also need to invest in some horse shampoo, mane & tail conditioner, and a spray to keep their mane and tail knot free. We also have various stain removers for horses, make up for horses, and plaiting items to prepare your horse for a show. Horse Clippers and Trimmers to keep their winter coat tidy, In this category you'll also find leather care items to keep your saddlery in top condition, and looking great. Saddle Soaps, Tanners Oil and other similar items can be found here. We also stock farrier tools including Hoof Rasps, Hoof Nippers, Hoof Knifes and Farrier Aprons, along with all your Equine veterinary requirements from sun block, to skin care creams, gamgee to would dressings. 

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