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Horse Boots & Showjumping Boots NZ

Whether you need Dressage Boots, Jumping Boots, Open Front Boots, Fetlock Boots, Travel Boots, Stable Boots, Paddock Boots, or Bell Boots, we have horse boots to keep your horses legs safe.  When working with horses, whether riding them over jumps or on the flat, or even if we are schooling them on the ground, it is important to protect our horses legs. There is nothing worse than having a horse injure its leg or tendon as this could result in time off work, or worse the need for it to be retired. Depending on the type of work your horse is doing, you may need open front tendon boots, which have a hard shell at the back to protect the tendon while showjumping, or Cross Country boots which protect the shins from being knocked as well as protecting the tendon.  Over reach boots, or bell boots protect the horses heel, which can easily be stood on and damaged. If you are just riding out with friends, you might like to consider brushing boots which give a small amount of protection from general knocks and scrapes.  It is of course also important to protect our horse and ponies legs from knocks, and scrapes while they are in the stable, paddock, or while traveling.  For this we have paddock boots, stable boots, and travel boots.

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