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Gullets, Girth Points & Accessories

All your Wintec and Bates HART system requirements, Wintec Saddle Gullets, Bates Saddle Gullets, Collegiate Gullets, Pessoa Gullets, Cavallino Gullets, Girth Points, Easy Change Riser System, Gullet Measuring Gauges, and everything you require for saddle fitting. When it comes to fitting your saddle, Bates and Wintec Saddles have got it sorted with their new HART (Horse & Rider Technology) system, which incorporates easy change gullets, and Easy Fit Riser System, along with Easy Change girth points. A changeable gullet allows you to alter the gullet width of your saddle from Narrow to Xtra Wide, meaning your saddle can fit a wider range of horses and ponies. The Easy Change Riser System allows you to put insert shims in to the structure of the saddle, completely changing the panel shape, and allowing the saddle to fit a wider range of horses. If your girth points are worn, or stretched, you can now easily replace these by looping on the new ones. We sell all the tools and accessories required for changing your saddles gullet to fit your horse, no matter what brand you have.. Pessoa, Cavallino, Trainers, Collegiate, Bates or Wintec. If unsure of what size gullet you will need, you can use a Bates Gullet Measuring Gauge to measure your horses back.

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