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Exercise Rugs

Exercise Rugs or alternatively called  Quarter Sheets or Riding Rugs are  designed to keep your horse warm while lungeing or riding horses during cold weather to keep a horse warm during warm-up and during active work to prevent rapid muscle cooling which can lead to chilling and cramping.  They are normally made from a fleece or waterproof material, and sit over the loins on the horse, which attaching to the saddle or lunge roller at the front. Some Quarter Sheets are made from reflective material, or have reflective patches on them, and are designed for riding at night.  We currently stock Weatherbeeta Fleece Exercise Sheets and Weatherbeeta 600d Waterproof Exercise Sheets. We can also get Flair Wool 
An exercise sheet is the perfect addition to your horse's wardrobe when the weather is cold, especially if your horse is clipped or suffers from the cold. Use during work to keep your horse dry and warm.   If a horse is allowed to become damp during a cooling out period, he will likely lose so much heat as to experience muscle chill.  Blanketed, stabled horses with very short (clipped) coats are prime candidates for quarter sheets.  Quarter sheets perform different functions depending on what material is used their construction: they can keep a horse warm, prevent a horse from cooling too rapidly during , minimise moisture build up under the sheet by wicking it away from the horse's body, and keep a horse dry when being worked in wet weather.

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