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Lunging & Training

Everything for lunging and training your horse. Side Reins, Lunge Cavesson, Training Leads, Market Harborough Horse, Lunging System NZ. Lunging is an efficient way to introduce young horses to voice commands. You can train horses to perform every gait during lunging. Riders also better visualize the horse's body movement and can correct its form using the whip. Riders can moderate bad habits like bucking or rearing. As well as a loosener before riding, lunging is helpful in developing balance, rhythm, and to improve the horse's gaits.  lunging improves communication, with horses learning to respond to voice commands. Its benefits of lunging include stretching horses' long back muscles, activating their hind quarters or refining rhythm. In addition, lungeing is a variety to riding and gets the horses' attention and interest. Lungeing is great for the acclimatization of the young horse to the saddle or harness. In order for lunging to have a positive effect on your horse's health and muscling, it is important that your horse moves forward and downward, dropping its head and arching its back. Ideally, your horse will be able to do this without auxiliary reins.The market harborough is a training aid used to help prevent the horse from throwing his head above the point of control offering far more direct control than a running martingale, but at the same time allowing the horse freedom of movement when the reins are released.

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