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Monkey Grips

Keep a Grip, and stop yourself falling out of the saddle with a Monkey Grip, or Steady Grip. When you have a horse that can be a bit jumpy, or a pony that spooks at his own shadow, or perhaps a young horse you've just backed, and you want to make sure you stay in the saddle, rather than land in that muddy puddle.. then you need a Monkey Strap, also known as a "Holly Heck" strap or a "%^#@ $%^S&%" Strap.  This is a strap that attaches to the front Dee Rings on your saddle, either by clip or buckle, and gives you something to grip on to in that time of need. A Monkey grip is the saver  of many in preventing that fall to the ground!  Monkey Straps are also useful in helping to pull yourself in to a deeper seat when riding flat work, if working in a sitting trot or canter, you can use the monkey strap to hold yourself in that deeper position. So whether you are backing a green horse, jumping a nervous youngster, or riding your Grand Prix dressage horse.. you probably need to have a monkey grip attached to the front of your saddle.

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