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Saddle Blankets & Saddle Pads NZ

Suppliers of Saddle Pads NZ, Saddle Blankets NZ, Dressage Pads, All Purpose Saddle Pads, Jumping Pads, Saddlecloths, Sheepskin Saddle Pads, Cavallino Saddle Pads, Zilco Saddle Cloths, Western Saddle Pads, Weatherbeeta Saddle Pads & More.  There are many different styles of saddle pads, The one you need will depend on the type of saddle you ride in, the type of riding you do, or the sport you compete in. Most horse owners end up with quite a collection of saddle pads, of varying sizes, colours and styles. For use at home you might want a brighter coloured saddle blanket, or maybe something with bling or a diamante trim, but when competing you might want to stick to something more plain, such as brown, white, black or navy. We have a range of saddlecloths to fit every budget, from the very basic day to day pad, to top of the line sheepskin saddle pads, we should have something for you.  Washing a horse saddle pad is the best way to prolong its life. A good clean will help keep it fresh and clean for longer, and remove any dirt that could potentially damage the pad. This will also increase comfort for the horse or pony, and prevent rubbing that may cause sores and lumps. 

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