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Gel Pads & Risers

In this category, you'll find Horse Gel Pads, Saddle Raiser Pads, Half Pads, Front Lift Pads, Non Slip Pads, Memory Foam Insert Pads & More. Unfortunately a good proportion of us horse riders are riding our precious horses with saddles that don't fit. In an ideal world, we would have these saddles replaced with a new perfect fitting saddle, or get the saddle repacked to make it fit. When these are not an option, the next best thing will be to use a saddle riser, gel pad, or some sort of shim insert to lift the saddle in to the correct position and help protect your horses back. Which pad to buy will depend on what you need your saddle to do.  If you find you are leaning forward, your saddle is probably too wide in the gullet, and something with front lift will help that. If your saddle is bridging with air in the middle, you will need something with a centre shim, and if you need to lift the back of your saddle, then a rear lift pad will work.  Of course you may just want your saddle to stop slipping, in which case a non slip pad will be what you are after. Half pads that have removeable Shims, are the best all round option as they can be adjusted to suit.

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