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Stockist of Summer Horse Covers, Mid Season Covers, Winter Horse Covers, Show Sheets & Show Sets, Wool Horse Rugs, Weatherbeeta Rugs NZ, Saxon Covers NZ,Saxon Horse Rugs NZ, Zilco Covers NZ, Kool Coat, Horze Covers NZ, Dog Rugs NZ, and more.
Whatever the weather, we have a horse rug for you. Our wide range of horse rugs and covers are designed to keep your horse cosy and dry no matter what time of year. From summer horse sheets to winter blankets, we have all the dog rugs and show sheets you need right here in New Zealand. Whether your horse is looking for a warm horse rug in the winter months, or a waterproof horse blanket in the summer, we have a great range of products to choose from.
All our horse covers are listed in New Zealand Sizes on our website. In New Zealand we measure horse covers from wither to tail, so the sizing is different than other countries, such as Australia, who measure their covers from chest to tail. This can be a bit confusing as lots of our covers are made for the Australian market, so labelled with Australian sizing. If you want to clarify the size before ordering please feel free to give us a call. Weatherbeeta Comfitec offers a wide range of technical performance, combined with exceptional comfort and durability. The innovative technologically advanced fabric is designed for those who are looking for comfort, protection and durability.

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