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Stable Tools & Accessories

All the Tools for your Stable. Muck Rakes, Stable Forks, Manure Scoops, Hoses, Measuring Tapes & Hay Bale Knives. When you have a horse, whether it is at home, or at someone else's place, you'll probably have either a stable or yard to keep your horses in. To keep your horse stable and horse yard tidy you'll need a few tools. Of course something to clean the manure up with. A muck rake if your horse is on a floor of shavings or straw, and a manure scoop for grass or concrete. Of course you'll also need a manure scoop to clean your horse float or truck when travelling to shows etc. If you are wanting to wash your horse, a coiled stable hose is the idea accessory as it springs in to a coil when not pulled tight, preventing your horse from getting the hose caught around his legs. Carting water from a tap or hose to your horses water bucket or trough, then a water bag will come in very handy. simply fill the bag and wheelbarrow it to your desired location.  In this collection you'll also find the tools required to measure your horses height, and their girth, which is required to calculate the horses weight, so you know exactly how much drench to give them, and you can keep an eye on their health.

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