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Stirrup Irons

We offer a small range of Safety Irons NZ, Stirrup Irons, Peacock Irons, Composite Stirrup Irons, OX Bow Irons, and Aluminum Stirrup Irons. If you ride horses in a saddle, you will no doubt have stirrup Irons. The general form of a stirrup Iron has not changed much in history, and they are still the same basic shape.  There have been some developments in the Safety aspect, where specific safety Stirrups have been developed, usually featuring a quick release mechanism that releases your foot in the case of  fall, Peacock Irons are one example of this.. Toe cages are the other option for safety. These prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup and getting caught. Toe cages are great for children, or adults doing trekking etc. Other developments have been around the materials in which stirrup Irons are made. Now it is common for Stirrups to be made of a composite material rather than Iron, making them lighter weight, and giving the option for various colours to be available. If you have a Western saddle, or a Stock saddle, you may be more interested in purchasing Ox Bows, or 4 Bar Irons which give your foot a bit more stability. 

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