About Us

In December 2003 I purchased a little saddlery shop in Taradale, Napier from the now manager of the Horse of the Year Show, Kevin Hansen.

The shop, called Lodge Equestrian, made the NZ renowned “Lodge Horse Rugs” and sold feed, second hand gear and few bits of general saddlery.

Within 12 months, We had quadrupled the size of the business, and started what was possibly NZs first online equestrian store. After much deliberation, it was decided that www.lodgeequstrian.co.nz just simply would not work, and www.tackshop.co.nz was born!

Right from the start, it was our objective to provide a bigger range, at better prices, and with better service than your local store.

As more and more equestrian supply shops came online, we have strived to stay ahead of the competition, by continuing to offer the best prices and service available. We are constantly changing and upgrading, adding new features, new services and new products.

In December 2013, to Celebrate 10 years in business, we have partnered with top web development company Exceed Online, who have developed and built this ground-breakingly innovative new website for you to enjoy.

Our new website is pumped full of features that are designed to be both fun and easy to use, and that will hopefully make shopping with us as enjoyable as riding your horse! Have a look around, enjoy your stay, and please let us know if there are more products or services you would like added.

Nick white
Managing Director