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Tackshop Customer Loyalty System

At Tackshop.co.nz we love to give back to our customers, especially those who are loyal enough to continue coming back.


When ever you shop with us, whether it’s in-store, online, or at a show, we will record your purchase against your account name, and for every dollar you spend, we will give you one loyalty point.  That loyalty point is then equal to 3 cents, which you can redeem at any time against any purchase.

Currently these points do not expire, and there is no minimum or maximum to be able to use them, so your next order could save you $1, or it could be completely free!

Note:  Saddles only receive ½ point per dollar, and some clearance items and big sales are point free.

‘Top Shopper’ Draws

Every Month, we put our 20 ‘Top Shopper’ names for that month in to a draw to win two bottles of wine.

Every year just before Christmas, we will put our 20 ‘top shoppers’ for the year in to a draw to win a fantastic prize, valued at $500 or more!

The 20 Top Shoppers are the 20 customers who spend the most with us that month, or that year for the Christmas Draw.